Our History

Woodridge Baptist Church began as the dream of a downtown Mobile church known as Oakdale Baptist Church. For many years Oakdale had been one of Mobile’s strongest Baptist churches. In the 1970’s, many of Oakdale’s members had migrated to West Mobile. One of the dreams of Oakdale church, under the leadership of pastor Dr. Rodney Taylor, was to forge a new work in what was then remote west Mobile County. The church approved the establishment of this new work on July 24, 1977. The first services were held on October 16, 1977, with the new mission site called Oakhill Baptist Church.


Several mobile home units were used during those early days for Sunday School and Worship. The first permanent building was dedicated in October of 1980. Another downtown church closed in 1983. Ann Street Baptist Church sold its property and joined with those meeting at Oakhill. They chose a new name for their church, Woodridge Baptist Church.


For almost 40 years Woodridge Baptist Church has been faithfully proclaiming the Gospel in the city of Mobile and around the world. Today, Woodridge Baptist Church is filled with a group of dedicated believers meeting at what is affectionately known as “The Church On The Hill.”

History of Leaders

Woodridge has been led by five Senior Pastors in her 40-year history. These men have faithfully proclaimed the Word of God and led Woodridge to be the vibrant church she is today.


            1983-1992        Rev. Bob Vereen

            1992-2000       Dr. Alan Damron

            2000-2019       Dr. Mack Morris

            2019-2021        Rev. Garry Harred

            2021-Present   Dr. Mark Williams